Live Theatre Photography

Theatrical Photography 


The essence of your production is what captivates an audience. Anyone can take a video recording of your theatrical work to create a marketable project. Our team focuses on still images that reflect the months of planning and preparation that come out in each live performance.


One of the great delights of theatrical photography is that the images capture the magic of the stage. Anyone who views the image can transport themselves into the new world you created for your audience. We capture those moments in high-resolution photos to preserve all of your hard work.


We can participate in live performances and rehearsals to create the outcomes you desire. Our team is discreet, ensuring that the audience can enjoy themselves while we take care of your theatrical photography requirements.


There are several ways that we can help to reflect the personality of your production that go beyond the stage performance.


Backstage Images: We can document the activity that happens backstage to reflect the energy your performers feel in the moments before they come out from behind the curtain.


Foyer Greetings: Our team can document the moments when your artists meet the public for a variety of reasons. We offer photography services that cover book promotions, press editorials, and other public relations events.


Character Shots: We can photograph the entire cast or individual performers to create refreshing marketing items, programs, and other materials. Our team holds a valid UK Press Card, allowing us to submit the images to a variety of publications throughout the country.


We also offer pre-publicity and advertising services so that you can advertise your production at the front of house.


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